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Comming soon!!


While we are still busy working on this game, as well as participating in NaNoRenO2017 we also want to remaster the Secrets demo sometime soon. Look forward to extra moments, more art and a finished GUI.
(We did re-upload the old demo for the time being).


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Secrets [old demo] 95 MB
Secrets [old demo] 85 MB
Secrets [old demo] 80 MB


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Since we're participating in NaNoRenO2017 and the remastering of the demo is taking longer than expected we decided to re-upload the previous version of the demo in the meanwhile. We are still remastering the demo, though, so you'll hear from that eventually.

We have noticed that the original file for the demo disappeared, and we are very sorry for every inconvenience this has caused. This incident gave us the idea to remaster the demo, since we personally were not 100% satisfied yet with the results -- we are positive that the demo could be even better than it is now. We are taking a break from the main story for a bit and are working on the remastering of the demo. It will take a bit longer before the new demo will be uploaded, but we can promise you some nice extra's. Thank you for showing interest in our game, we appreciate it a lot. We will by no means stop working on this game -- we will see it through until the very end. Thank you.


Are you guys still working on this? I'll be bummed to see that this project doesn't come to fruition, but if it can't be done then it can't be done.


Where is the download?????

um i cant download because i dont find the download button

um i cant download because i dont find the download button


Hey, I'm sorry, I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong but I can't download the game (demo), I don't know where's the button or if it's the download that I try to click it doesn't work for me. I've tried with different browsers but I still cannot download it...

@for-others omg, thank you so much! Comments like this really make our day and make us feel like we're doing a good job.
Thank you for being hyped and liking it! Thank you for liking the characters as well.
I've heard some people relating to Allaya before and that is honestly very nice to hear.
We're curious to your reaction to the full game too!

I love this game to bits! Even if it's just a demo. The music is beautiful, as is the art. I love the suspense, distrust, interesting setup and overall theme. Allaya's dialog hits a little close to home for me, she reacts in almost the exact same way I would :). I'm curious to see how this plays out, what they're holding back... I can always guess, but I'm sure you have a good amount of surprises in store ;).

I can't pick a favourite between Xei and Stefano >~< but Sean seems very interesting as well...

It's safe to say I'm positively hyped to play the full game!

@Tokisan thanks for playing and liking our demo! Ah, Xei? Glad to see that he is liked. Xei will appreciate you liking him as well ^^ Thank you.

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I really love the game! I love the suspense in it and artwork is sooo amazing! I personally like Xei out of all the characters C: Im looking forward to the next update/full game :3


@Scorpio thank you for playing the demo and liking it! It makes us really happy to know you've enjoyed it.

I played the demo, and I can honestly say that I can't wait until I can play the full version.